D15    User requirements document.

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Numerical weather prediction (NWP), short term weather forecasting, and climate monitoring have different requirements
ragarding timeliness, resolution, and precision to the atmospheric observations they utilise. The purpose of the user requirements document is to forward the different requirements to the producers of atmospheric data based on ground based GPS observations.
In the context of TOUGH the most important requirements are those of numerical weather prediction models.
Using different processing techniques the GPS data producers can (or can attempt) to produce different GPS atmospheric
datasets satisfying the various users.

The requirements are not static. They change with  the needs of the users and as our understanding of the data and their
capabilities improves.

The latest version of the TOUGH user requirements document, which is from June 15, 2004, is available here: tough_urd_10.pdf

The derivation of atmospheric data from ground based GPS data goes beyond the TOUGH project. The same is true for the
users and potential users. There are more GPS data processing centres and meteorological centres in Europe than those partaking in TOUGH. We therefore collaborate with other scientific institutions in Europe to make a unified user requirements document. This collaboration is primarily taking place in the EC funded COST Action 716 (see http://www.oso.chalmers.se/~kge/cost716.html for
further information on COST 716). In this forum an updated version of the user requirements document is expected in March 2004, after COST 716 has finished.

For questions and further details contact Dave Offiler at dave.offiler@metoffice.com