D31    Surface moisture impact study.

Responsible partner
Due date

This is part of work-package 5100, the purpose of which are to refine methods for surface humidity assimilation.

WP objectives
- To develop observation operators, including observation error modelling and quality control algorithms, for
assimilation of moisture information (2 meter relative humidity) from surface stations (SYNOP) in variational data assimilation.

- To test the impact of using moisture information from surface stations in variational data assimilation.

Methodology/Work Description: The variational data assimilation system to be applied by Partners SMHI and INM already includes preliminary observation operators based non-linear, tangent-linear and adjoint versions of the post-processing for 2-meter relative humidity from an earlier version of the forecast model. These observation operators will be upgraded to be consistent with the latest version of the forecast model and complemented with models for observation and representativity errors. A data assimilation and forecast experiment will be carried out over a period of 2 weeks to test the impact of 2-meter relative humidity observations.  

The impact study has been made by partner INM. The results are described in the report d31-rh2-impact.pdf. For further information contact jana.sanchez@inm.es