D46    INM assimilation results.

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This is part of work-package 7100 and 7200 the purpose of which is inter comparison of the skills of different numerical weather prediction models when using GPS data. The work in the workpackages includes:

·     Document the impact of ground-based GPS data on NWP data assimilation and forecast systems
Compare the different assimilation methods used by TOUGH participants

Methodology/Work Description:
Carry out extensive, full-scale data assimilation experiments. Standard statistical methods will be used for objective verification. Analyses and forecasts with and without the ground-based GPS data will be verified against observations and analyses. This includes:

·        Optimisation of initial capability for assimilation of GPS data, including implementation of any necessary bias correction scheme (based on results from WP 6000)

·        Parallel, quasi-operational, assimilation in demonstration mode for a period of at least one month.

·        Generation of individual case studies of regional interest for detailed study. Cases will be biased towards more extreme events and/or where current operational models give poor guidance on an event.

·        Verification using both objective and subjective verification methods.

·        Comparison and appraisal of the different assimilation methods

Deliverable.  The results of the impact studies and model development done at INM are described in the reports INM assimilation results (text) and Figures to INM assimilation results. For further information contact Jana Sanchez-Arriola, Beatriz Navascues or J.A. Garcia-Moya at INM.