D52    Project database web site.

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This is part of work-package 8100, the purpose of which is quality monitoring and reporting:

* ACRI-ST will monitor the quality of the data and report to the meteorological users each month with an automatically generated summary report on the quality.

* ACRI-ST will establish an archive for reporting significant changes to any site or processing system.

* ACRI-ST will establish a mirror site to the NWP user data exchange site for backup purposes.

* ACRI-ST will monitor the network status (active sites) daily.

* ACRI-ST will disseminate this information to partners on the project database web site.

Deliverable: A website for the TOUGH project has been established at ACRI-ST. Here all datasets created for the project are made available. The site is found here: http://www.acri-st.fr/tough

The ACRI-ST database contains all data produced for TOUGH. Nearly all data available to the public, but strictly for non-commercial use. To monitor who uses the data password restrictions apply. To obtain a password mail to oli@acri-st.fr.