D53    Data exchange formats.

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This is part of work-package 8200.

Objectives: Provide and maintain facilities for data exchange, especially of near-real time data for NWP users.

Methodology/Work Description:

* Provide infrastructure facilities for file exchange (e.g. private project ftp server, GTS/RMDCN)

* Lead on data formatting and dissemination standards, both within the project and externally (especially WMO)

* Provide and maintain supporting software (e.g. BUFR encoder/decoder)

Deliverable D53: The data exchange format for GPS ZTD and IWV data utilised in TOUGH is an updated version of the data exchange format developed in COST 716 (see http://www.oso.chalmers.se/~kge/cost716.html for details on COST 716). The data exchange format is called the cost format. It is described in this document: cost_format_v2.pdf

The data exchange format is updated now and then, mainly to become more precise concerning the definitions of the properties to be reported. The most recent update took place after the first semi-annual TOUGH progress meeting in Helsinki, September 2003.