D54    Support software.

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This is part of work-package 8200.

Objectives: Provide and maintain facilities for data exchange, especially of near-real time data for NWP users.

Methodology/Work Description:

* Provide infrastructure facilities for file exchange (e.g. private project ftp server, GTS/RMDCN)

* Lead on data formatting and dissemination standards, both within the project and externally (especially WMO)

* Provide and maintain supporting software (e.g. BUFR encoder/decoder)

Deliverable D54: The common data format for exchange of observational data within the operational meteorological community is the so-called bufr format, which is special binary format. The original cost format used for exchange of GPS ZTD data between
GPS ZTD data providers and NWP users is based on ascii files (see deliverable d53 for details on the cost data exchange files). Deliverable D54 contains code which can encode/decode ascii cost format files to bufr cost format files, facilitating in the future a smooth transition to a operational phase of GPS meteorology. The cost format bufr describtion has been approved by the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) Code-tables.

A describtion of the format can be found here: Cost716-bufrformat.pdf. For further detail contact Dave Offiler at dave.offiler@metoffice.com.