D56    GPS ZTD IWV validation report.

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This is part of work-package 8300.

WP 8300 objectives:  Provide GPS ZTD data continuously for a period of at least one year of near-real time quality for NWP users. These data are to be used for the seasonal assimilation experiments and quasi operational assimilation experiments. Further GPS ZTD data on a best effort basis, to be used for case studies.

The quality for the ZTD/IWV data is being monitored, both to help improve the product and to determine its error characteristics, which must be known when assimilating the data into NWP systems. Deliverable D56, contains a GPS ZTD/IWV validation report prepared by
Olivia Lesne, ACRI-ST.  For further information contact Olivia at oli@acri-st.fr