D57    Final GPS ZTD/IWV system evaluation.

Responsible partner
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This is part of work-package 8300.

WP 8300 objectives
Provide GPS ZTD data continuously for a period of at least one year of near-real time quality for NWP users. These data are to be used for the seasonal assimilation experiments and quasi operational assimilation experiments in wFMI200. Further GPS ZTD data on a best effort basis, to be used for case studies.

Methodology/Work Description:

·        All processing centres will elect one person to participate on the GPS ZTD processing committee deciding the final geographic distribution of the products, and decide on the routine implementation of procedure refinements developed in the GPS ZTD processing research workpackage.

·        All processing centres will document their implementation of the GPS ZTD IWV system at T0 + 3 months in the format specified by ACRI-ST. This will also be included as an appendix to the annual GPS ZTD IWV validation reports and the Final GPS ZTD IWV system evaluation report.

·         All processing centres will document their implementation of the updates to the GPS ZTD IWV system taking into consideration the processing quality improvements derived in WCHAL000.

·        ACRI-ST will process data from French and western Mediterranean stations.
Chalmers will process data from Sweden and Denmark
NMA will process data from Norway and other Scandinavian countries
ASI will process data from Italy
IEEC will process data from Spain
LPT will process data from Switzerland and other Alpine countries
GOP will process data from central European countries
Other stations not included on the list above will be processed by one of the centres following agreement of the PGZPC (GPS ZTD processing committee)
All processing centres will process data from the core IGS reference sites
All processing centres will deliver the data to the MetO database
All processing centres will report any significant changes to any site or processing system to the archive established by ACRI-ST
All processing centres will carry out continuous validation at the data supply side against radiosonde and model data.

All processing centres will report on the validation activities of their centre in each of the first 2 annual reports

·        All processing centres will provide an evaluation of their results for the entire duration of the demonstration in a contribution to the final
evaluation report.

Final compiled system evaluation report.

The final compiled system evaluation report is based on input from all partners.

ACRI-ST individual system evaluation report.
ASI individual system evaluation report.
GOP individual system evaluation report.