D62    Validation data sets with web site access.

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This is part of work-package 8500.

WP objectives:  Make accessible to all project participants the data necessary for validating the quality of the
GPS ZTD IWV products and the forecasts.

Methodology/Work Description: The database will contain the radiosonde and NWP data provided in WP8400, and the precipitation data that is collected for validating the short-term precipitation forecasts.

* Maintain the validation database; assure acquisition, compilation, and access to precipitation data provided by met agencies for validation case studies.
* Compile format specifications for each data set 
* Maintain a catalogue of access information and location for each data set.
* Describe the project data sets and maintain them in a Project Dataset Description
* Update the Project Dataset Description at 6-month intervals.

Deliverable D62. ACRI-ST maintains are database for validation data. The database currently contains the following types of data:
Access to data. Access to the data is public. The data are strictly for non-commercial use. To monitor who gets access to the data password restrictions apply. If you are interested in the data send an email to oli@acri-st.fr.