How to edit your institute TIP

The TIP (Technological Implementation Plan) is an important document detailing how your/your institute and the project as a whole plan to exploit the results of the project in the time after the project, for the benefit of society, the European Commission, and ourselves.

View the TIP as a means for the European Commission by which to forward your ideas about future use of your results to the types of people and institutions that you have indicated a potential future collaborators. That is the good news. The other side of the coin is that a fair deal of information not clearly relevant to scientific research projects must be entered to the TIP, and that the draft TIP has to be made very early, before the main results have arrived and are ready to be sold for further development.

A draft TIP has been filled out by DMI during March 2004, in connection with our annual reporting to the EC, based on input from some of you, the DoW, and our expectations. This we have done in an institute specific way. You are able to manipulate the TIP corresponding to your institute. To do that:
  1. Http to
  2. For uid and pw use "toughinst", where inst is e.g. dmi or meto, though for chalmers it is chal and for acri-st it is acri.
  3. Once in you should be able to see the whole document and manipulate the sections belonging to your institute. It could be that you cannot delete a complete entry/result or start a new entry/result, in case you need that contact the friendly people at
  4. To make the TIPs more individual it would be fine if you have a look on your TIP in the near future, e.g. in connection with the upcomming second semi-annual meeting.
  5. Toward the end of the project, when we have a more clear understanding of the results, we'll all have to finalize the TIP.